Spiced up East African Traditional Music meets Modern Africa

Hailing from Tanzania and learning his craft from his Grand Father, Kanda grew up become one of the most talented multi instrumentalist of African Traditional Music with a sweet melody voice.

A former member of the great Remmy Ongala’s Super Matimila Band, Saidi went to be awarded Womad Percussionist of the year in 1989.

He then helped formed UK’S Orchestra Baboma and playing with most of the greats of AFRICAN Music from Papa Wemba, Kofi Olamindea, Mose Fanfan to name a few.

Saidi Kanda is regarded as one of the best performers of recent times within the African Traditional and New African Music.

The release of his new album “Ambush” a collaboration work with his friend Edward Shearer went on to create Mvula – Mandondo.

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